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CCNA or CCDA - whats the difference?

I have my CCNA, and want to continue through to my CCNP's, but can anyone tell me the fundamental differences between the NETWORK and DESIGN part of these Cisco cert's?

are there sims with CCDA? won't the CCDA cover the basics the same way in which the CCNA does?

any help would be appreciated before i start to get back on the Cisco 'horse' again. :o

The difference is that the CCDA is geared more towards designing the network. You could go and take a look at the exam objectives to see in detail the different subjects covered between the 2. When i originally passed the CCDA, it was only after I passed my CCNA. I would think you should take the NA before the DA. I've never heard of anyone doing the DA first.
The CCNA is all theory. There arent really even any labs to do. However, the CCDA recommends BCMSN (aka switch) and BSCI (aka route). CCDA has some "advanced" things like choosing which routing protocols to run and where, which is ROUTE type stuff.

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