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Is How2pass 300-115 enough to pass the exam?

I need to take my 300-115 exam soon to re-certify my CCNP and was just wondering if the How2pass that I've paid for is still enough to pass this exam?

I seen other sources with question of 1000+ for this exam and How2pass only seem to have 621 (excluding the Labs).

So just want to know if I wasted my money with how2pass and go with another provider as I don't want to waste my time studying how2pass if it's not valid to pass the exam.

Thanks in advance.
Time will tell, if our material is useful or not.
(05-24-2019, 08:18 PM)forumsupport Wrote: Time will tell, if our material is useful or not.

What kind of answer is that, can you please advise if using your material is enough to pass or not?  If not it's a waste of time and money, so can you be more specific with your answer?
Yes it is enough if used as advised in member area.

Check this thread:

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